Dharani is Transforming Day –by-day:

Dharani the land record management system was launched by K Chandrashekar Reddy our Chief Minister sir and has given a successful start from May 19th 2018 as a pilot project.Later it started in all Mandal’s of Telangana.


At a starting state Dharani was given rights to go under correction module’s which were done in webland and LRUP.Gradually  the corrections were taking an effective nature of developing new modules in the website.As of today Dharani has become a lot much comapatable to be user friendly.

                                           Almost all the modules has been launched to do all the necessary correction online.Literally our collector sir has taken  the first place to bring it into a shape.Whereas today “Dharani” is given a state of level  to be given priority.
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All the modules Started were like this

  • Aadhar   Seeding


  • Khata Merging

  • Missing Survey Number

  • Data Correction

  • Base Sy.No Extent Adding

  • Sethwar Entry
  • Backlog Succession

  • Backlog Mutation

Aadhar Seeding :
  • Aadhar seeding option links-up with your Khata number  as per in your Patta Pass Book.
  • It means you are directly linked with ur  eligibility of ownership of that particular land.
  • As to say our Aadhar number is an unique identification number  of every individual.
  • So thereby we will be getting a rightful ownership on the land.As per today technology you can see your land details online in Dharani Portal. 

Adhar indiajobsupdates

For Dharani Technical Officers Only:

  1. Enter Login ID & Password with Captcha Code.
  2. After login we can see “Aadhar seeding “ in Menu  and select it. 
  3.  Now select Village name & khata name.
  4. You will get the Name and details options in the list view.
  5. Now you can see Enter Aadhar number coloumn & also mobile number coloumn option.
Aadhar card Details entry indiajobsupdates

    Enter Both or only aadhar number and [Mobile number] submit.

EKYC Cases:
We perform Ekyc after Aadhar seeding if we don’t get Passbook holders photo can’t be seen.
If any passbook holder’s pic isn’t visible while doing Digital sign we advice them to perform this task.So as they go to nearest Mee-seva centre and comple this action by giving their thumb impression.

Ekyc Steps to verify-indiajobsupdates


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