Dharani is gona be live very soon.

Dharani Website is Active:

An security and self happiness maintained here after through our land records from getting lost.People being feeling lots of problems whether their land will be lost due to fake document creators and also Conquerers has now to be very happy as per the government of Telangana has taken the steps to safeguard all  the real land holders.

Dharani website comes live very soon online so as the team of Technical staff has been already recruited under the Govt Scheme of outsourcing.

Govt of Telangana has taken a decision so as the CM "KCR" sir has acheived a lot in people's hearts filled with great joy and hapiness.Although government has being trying a lot to take control of the frauders finally it has come up with a wonderful scheme of ILRMS Integrated Land Records Management Services.

Dharani Safety for all

Hyderabad: Unique land registry portal to ensure a more transparent and robust land registration system on a pilot basis in 30 revenue divisions in the state on Saturday Dharni has been launched.

Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy, who launched the Dharani Civemela Surypet District School Board, called it a groundbreaking step bringing significant improvement to the land registration system. In addition, the Ministry of Revenue has launched Dharani services in 30 divisions that except Saturday Hyderabad district covering one body in each district.
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